Lost Theories

February 18, 2009

Alright, so I need to write about the rest of my vacation and post my amazing photos, but it can wait, because LOST is on tonight!

If you haven’t seen last week’s episode “This Place is Death”, then do NOT read on because some huge things are discussed.

Below, a picture of Desmond and Mrs Hawking in Season 2, Episode 8 “Flashes Before Your Eyes”


Read my theories after the jump…

Last week, as the episode concluded, Ben Linus identified Mrs Hawking (now confirmed to be Dan’s mother by Desmond’s appearance at the church) as Eloise Hawking. Eloise being the name, I think we can safely assume, is short for Ellie. Ellie, who we last saw walking around on the Island in 1954, looked strangely familiar to Dan as he inspected the Island’s hydrogen bomb.

Well, this would explain a lot. Dan’s mom got interested in time-travel when she met a scrawny scientist and his friends in 1954 who claimed they were time-traveling. This a) influences her desire and apparently Charles Widmore’s desire to later fund Dan’s research into the matter and b) blows a huge hole in Dan’s theory that you can’t change a THING in the past. Obviously, we already know that Dr. Richard Alpert shows up at Locke’s birth in 1956 because Locke told him what day and what hospital to visit him at.

Maybe Desmond isn’t so special after all. Maybe the Losties interactions with the past really do influence some things in the future.

Anyway… my big theory:

Ellie and Charles left the Island at the same time, along with several others- Miles, Dan and Charlotte. My guess is that it all has something to do with the Dharma Initiative and their more than forceful expulsion from the Island.

A question long unanswered in our favorite sci-fi fantasy show- HOW did the Dharma Initiative find the Island? The Island just doesn’t get found. It draws people who have a hard time getting off the Island once there, or finding it again if they leave. The only people that ever seem to be able to go seamlessly back and forth is the people in power: Ben and Alpert- to our limited knowledge.

My theory is that Charles Widmore, after seeing an old bald guy talk about time travel and the mysteriously disappear, realized there was a lot more power to the Island than what he was previously told about. Even Ageless Alpert seemed to be unaware of the Island’s time-traveling abilities (or pretended to be unaware) when Locke shows up in ‘54. I think Widmore used his connections as Jacob’s prior chosen one, to bring people from off the Island, using connections from wherever he came from to profit from the Dharma Initiative.

When the DI’s techy ways started pissing off Jacob, Alpert began looking for a new leader. Locke, still unwilling to accept any recruitment from the Island (Season 4, “Cabin Fever”) was not ready- but a young Benjamin Linus was (Season 3, Episode 20 “The Man Behind the Curtain”). Alpert met him in the jungle and told him he could come with him, eventually. We flash forward a couple more decades and the Dharma Initiative is gassed and Ben assumes his role as the new leader.

But where was Charles’ ousting? And how does someone who grows up on the Island leave as an adult, only to make a smooth transition to being the head of a multi-national, powerful business? All available clues point to Alpert not knowing how to handle the removal of Charles Widmore and the Dharma Initiative. Widmore was involved somehow in the Dharma Initiative knowing how to find the Island and being able to establish a camp there. The hostiles had to have been kept at bay while they built all their hatches- the hostiles can handle ALL intruders. The fact that the Dharma Initiative survived makes me think someone (Widmore) must have held the hostiles (Others) back while the DI was getting set up. But then the Dharma Initiative began to strike against the hostiles, taking more and more land than previously agreed upon. This led to Alpert/Jacob making a decision to start working against Widmore and the Dharma Initiative, very similar to how Alpert began working against Ben when Jacob decided Ben’s usefulness was almost at an end.

So somehow, Widmore, Ellie, Dr Chang and perhaps others, fled the Island with some of the children (Miles, Dan, Charlotte, and perhaps Annie?) and escaped the Purge but have worked tirelessly, while making a way from themselves out in the world, to get back to the Island. But somehow, Ellie and Widmore had a falling out, which is why she’s now helping Ben instead of Widmore, to get back to the Island.

To prove Ellie and Widmore’s connection in bringing the Dharma Initiative to the Island even further- where is tonight’s episode being set?

An off-Island Dharma station that Eloise Hawking has access to. Oh, and what does her son Daniel know ALL ABOUT?

The Dharma Initiative.

(A shot of Dan’s notebook- don’t forget that the kids knew about all the hatches, and the Purge when they arrived. Further evidence that Widmore may have stuck around through Dharma and been involved with its existence on the Island)

We’ll see tonight if any of these theories are correct, but I’m thinking that Widmore and Ellie were profoundly affected by the Losties flash back into the past, and that Widmore’s bringing the DI to the Island is what led to his ousting. This would be BIG in explaining a lot about the Dharma Initiative, and even bigger in debunking the time travel theory that nothing can be changed. If I’m right, things look a lot more cyclical than anything else.

/ geek post over!


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  1. Interesting ideas!

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