Writing and Managing my Work from my Phone

January 17, 2009

So I’m off to the gym to do revision work on m’book. I’ve got the Samsung BlackJack II, a smartphone that roughly edits Word and Excel, and can save and send from my device. I get a lot of good ideas when I move, so being on the treadmill with my trusty hand-held device is great. 

I’ve tried using a notebook while I’m on treadmills or bikes at the gym, but it always looks like I’m measuring seismic activity rather than writing down ideas. Using my phone is light weight, can be managed with one hand at times, and is more stable even when I’m moving fast. 

I like the QWERTY keyboard on my Samsung, and the document editing, but I’ve gotta say, I wish I had a phone I could sync up with my laptop. I work on the MacBook Pro, and wish I could sync up programs like Mail, iCal, and especially, MacJournal, with my phone via MobileMe. The iPhone looks great, but as a writer, I hate the lack of QWERTY and the inability to easily manage office documents- which is the only reason I bought a smartphone to begin with. 

But then I heart THIS is coming:

Documents To Go for iPhone.

This will be key for me to switch over. I hear there is an app for a QWERTY keyboard, which I can test out on my I-Touch. But I won’t switch until it manages documents, and if that happens (I’m thinking it may roll out in June??) then I will be totally converted to the Mac. 

Here’s what it will be able to do, according to Gizmodo’s guess: IPhone Office: Microsoft Office Documents Editing Coming to the iPhone

My current phone can’t even create native Word and Excel documents. This app will outdo my phone in a slicker setting. My husband giddily anticipates that day. Since getting me to let go of my PC and watching me fall in love with the Mac, it’s been one year-long ‘I-told-you-so-smile’ coming my way from him.


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