Jacob Heilbrunn: Is Obama Selling Out to the Right?

January 13, 2009

Jacob Heilbrunn: Is Obama Selling Out to the Right?.

Good post, irritating subject. Either Pelosi and Reid positioned Obama because they felt he’d be an easy target to manipulate for their own agenda, or the left is really outraged that Obama was elected to lead a whole country, and not themselves alone. 

It’s like no one has been paying attention to him. His book talked about working with conservatives, about being Christian, about being past party politics and into the search for reconciliation in our country’s politics. 

Now that he’s uh, trying to do what he’s talked about for years, talking to Republicans, trying to be a centrist president, the left is royally freaking out! “whaddya mean he wants to invoke God in the inaugural prayers?!” “whaddya mean he’s having lunch with people from the other side of the aisle?!”

Ick. Well, I hope the neo-cons and Obama hold their ground and press forward on a post-partisan agenda. Our country CANNOT AFFORD more petty politics


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