Another Day of Snow

December 18, 2008

So I never thought I’d be a little resentful of snow. Especially December, almost Christmas snow. 

But I feel torn between a childlike joy to go roll in the snow and sled down the hill, and a grown up irritation from all I could be doing today, but now can’t because of the snow. 

BUT WAIT! Aren’t I a writer or somethin’? Doesn’t my work mainly involve me being at home, focusing on my stories? 

It does. But here’s where I return to the arguement presented by my childlike side. I simply can’t FOCUS on stuff when there’s this much snow on the ground. That’s why I love Seattle. I have a hard time focusing during snow and sunshine, because I have such a strong desire to go out and play in fun weather. But since it rarely is sunny and rarely snows here, it’s actually a great climate to write in, especially since rain makes me moody and I write the best when I’m moody. 


So what will I do today with snow? Write, play and wrap Christmas presents? Or grumble at this sight like this?

Front Yard in Snow

I think I will try to be a little bit of both today. Crank out a new story aaaaaaaaaaaand go sledding. Edit a chapter aaaaaaaand build a ginger bread house. We’ll see.


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